Rubber Rate Today At Rupees 125

Rubber Rate Today In Kerala and Tripura markets

Markets In Kerala and Tripura will be down

Rubber rate today increased due to the demand from tire companies. Rubber ISS grade in Kochi market improved  by RS. 250 per quintal and rubber RSS4 grade increased by Rs. 200 per quintal. Initially Tire companies had demanded Rs 118 per kilogram and they were forced to raise price to Rs 125 in Kottayam Rubber Market today.

Suppliers supplying rubber to tire companies bought 1500 tones of rubber over the weekend. Small tire companies also bought 500 tones of rubber. In the international market, the price of rubber in Bangkok fell by two rupees, while in China and Tokyo markets rubber rate today remained unchanged.

In China spot market rubber rate today  is Rs. 110 per kg and in Tokyo it is Rs.109 per kg. The decline in international prices will be lead to slow demand in domestic market in coming days. Merchants say that the middlemen among the farmers are holding the rubber without selling it expecting  the higher price. Farmers are hoping that prices will go up in the coming days when production is down.

Benchmark Tokyo Rubber Futures erased earlier gains and hit a one-week low.

Concerns about global trade are being considered on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) futures as US President Donald Trump’s 25% steel import duty and 10% tariff on aluminum

As the global economy slow down, commodities will also be affected.

Inventories in Shanghai Futures Exchange warehouses, rose 0.2% compared to last week

Rubber Rate Today
RSS4 Kottayam: 125.00
RSS5: 122.00
Loose: 119.00
Lot: 114.00 – 116.00
Scrap: 86.00
Latex: 83.00
Field Latex: 117.00
ISNR 20: 116.00

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