Mobile communications technology has quickly become the world’s most common way of transmitting voice, data, and services in the developing world. They could provide the most affordable ways for millions of people to access information, markets, finance, and governance systems previously unavailable to them. Recognizing an opportunity in mobile VAS sector has started an sms alert service for those who are interested in rubber market. Using the advantage of mobile technology we are providing critical updates on rubber prices to our subscriber’s mobile.

Natural rubber price is more volatile than ever before. Supply demand concerns, currency factor, online trading, export import policies, whether changes there are many things that can make sharp fluctuations in rubber market. So we need the right information in right time to do the rubber business successfully.

We have one of the fastest, real-time information delivery system that gives our customers a competitive edge in the market where every second can make a difference.

We shall endeavor to provide effective and prompt service so as to achieve total customer satisfaction at all times. We shall continuously upgrade our service quality, communication facilities and the skill sets to meet customer requirements efficiently.




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