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Tripura Rubber Rate Today as on 11thth SEPTEMBER 2020   : 04.20 Pm

Rubber Sheet RSS4(Per kg): 133.00

Rubber Sheet RSS5(Per kg):127.00

Rubber sheet Loose(Per kg):107.00

Rubber Sheet Lot(Per kg):104.00

Rubber Scrap (80% DRC,Per kg):76.00

Rubber Latex (60% DRC):72.00

Rubber Field Latex(Per kg DRC):103.00

In the last three to four weeks, Tripura rubber prices have risen by about 10 per cent to Rs 140 per kg. However, it is unlikely to maintain momentum, Rubber may wipe out all recent gains, as it may cool demand from factories and may weigh heavily on crude oil prices. The prices of natural rubber are depend on crude oil prices because it is used to make synthetic rubber instead of natural varieties.

The price of the widely traded RSS-4 has already come down to Rs 132-133 per kg in Tripura today. Weak demand, high stockpiles and increased supply could push the Tripura rubber rate to Rs 125-126 in the next three to four weeks. Demand for tires, which account for 65% of total rubber demand, is declining because the lock down has affected vehicle production. Inventories from tire manufacturers are booming as stock lifting from factories are very slow.

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