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Rubber Daily Price Kerala 01/02/2018
Rubber RSS4 Kottayam: 122.00
Rubber RSS5: 117.00
Rubber Loose: 112.00
Rubber Lot: 107.00 – 109.00
Rubber scrap: 77.00
Rubber Latex: 82.00
Field Latex: 115.00
Rubber ISNR 20: 107.00

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Rubber Market News

TOKYO (Feb 1): Benchmark Tokyo rubber futures ended higher for the first time in four sessions on Thursday, getting support from a weaker yen against the dollar after the US Federal Reserve signalled its confidence about inflation and growth in the world’s biggest economy.
Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) futures, which set the tone for tyre rubber prices in Southeast Asia, however, was not badly dented by rising inventories in high-consumer nations and sluggish Shanghai futures.
The dollar edged up 0.2% to 109.55 yen, edging away from a four-month low of 108.280 plumbed on Friday. A weaker yen makes commodities denominated in the Japanese currency cheaper for holders of other currencies.



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