Rubber Price Kollam Today


Rss-4: 169.50

Rss-5: 167.50

Loose: 163.50

Lot:  1532.00-158.00

Scrap75: 106.00

Latex: 114.00

Field Latex: 168.00

ISNR-20:  158.00

natural rubber in the key markets of Kerala were down today due to a likely rise in output, as peak tapping season has commenced in Kerala, the largest rubber grower in the country, traders said.

According to the ANRPC, India’s rubber production will increase from 67,000 tonnes in September to 85,000 tonnes in November. Despite the increase in demand for rubber in the country, prices are unlikely to fluctuate due to increased production

The price of RSS-4, which was Rs 180.5 in Kollam at the beginning of September, has gone up to Rs 169.50 on October 14.

The crisis was caused by high production but not commensurate with the increase in demand. Shortage of semiconductor chips affected the automotive sector and reduced tire production. Despite the increase in production in the country, the volume of imported rubber in September was 500 tonnes higher than in August.

But in the second quarter of September, there was a slight recovery in the price of natural rubber globally. In the second quarter, rubber benefited from the easing of Kovid regulations and increased production in many countries. The fall in early September has pushed up prices in the last days. It is hoped that this will continue until next December.

It is expected that the easing of Kovid controls in countries including Japan will keep demand for rubber in the wake of the Chinese crisis. Rising crude oil prices may also push up demand for natural rubber. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.
However, the ANRPC report says that the production of natural rubber in countries including Thailand will increase in the coming months. According to ANRPC, India’s rubber production is expected to touch 85,000 tonnes in November, up from 67,000 tonnes in September. It is estimated that as production increases in proportion to the demand for rubber, it will not result in a large increase in price. Not only that. About 55 to 60 per cent of India’s total natural rubber production takes place during September-January. Rising production in the coming months may also adversely affect the country’s rubber prices.

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