Rubber price Graph

Rubber Daily Price Kerala 21/06/2019

Rubber RSS4 Kottayam:               152.00

Rubber RSS5:                                  148.00

Rubber  Loose:                               14400

Rubber Lot:                                      127.00 – 130.00

Rubber scrap:                                  92.00

Rubber Latex:                                  92.00

Field Latex:                                     130.00

Rubber ISNR 20:                             128.50

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India Rubber: Up on ICEX on low supply, demand from tyre

By Rahul Dhuri

MUMBAI – Rubber contracts on the Indian Commodity Exchange ended marginally up today due to supply crunch in the market amid rising demand from tyre makers, traders said. The most-active July contract ended at 15,038 rupees per 100 kg, up 0.2% from Thursday.

Expectation of fall in rubber imports also supported the contracts. According to Rubber Board data, natural rubber imports in 2019-20 (Apr-Mar) are seen falling 14% to 500,000 tn.

However, fall in prices of natural rubber in key spot markets of Kerala and weakness in benchmark contracts on Tokyo Commodity Exchange capped gains in contracts on ICEX, analysts said.



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