Commodity price rubber

Rubber Daily Price Kerala 27/08/2019

Rubber RSS4 Kottayam:               140.00

Rubber RSS5:                                  135.00

Rubber  Loose:                               131.00

Rubber Lot:                                      124.00 – 127.00

Rubber scrap:                                  82.00

Rubber Latex:                                 97.00

Field Latex:                                    137.00

Rubber ISNR 20:                           112.00

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Market News:

Natural rubber declines on muted demand and low global prices

Kochi: Plummeting global prices and muted demand from tyre makers are driving down the price of natural rubber in India.

The price of RSS-4 variety, used for making tyres, has dropped 7 per cent in a month to Rs 140 per kg. Its equivalent in the global market has become nearly 12 per cent cheaper at Rs 107.78 per kg over the same period.

Experts say domestic prices could fall further in the coming weeks. The September contract for delivery at Indian Commodity Exchange (ICX) hovered around Rs 135 per kg on Monday.

“There is downward pressure on the price,” said Anu Pai, research analyst, Geojit Commodities.



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