1 kg Rubber Price Kerala Today 2021

1 kg Rubber price Kerala Today 2021

1 Kg Rubber Price Kerala Today 2021

Rss-4 192.00
Rss-5 189.00
Loose 185.00
Lot 176.00-181.00
Scrap75 118.50
Latex 130.00
Field Latex 192.00
ISNR-20 169.50

The quantity of rubber reaching the market is very small. The market is expecting 1 kg Rubber Price Kerala Today 2021 to rise again as domestic production stopped as the rains continue.

It is currently trading at its highest level in nine years. Traders and farmers are optimistic that 1 kg Rubber Price Kerala Today 2021 will rise after the break. Within a week, domestic and international prices had risen by seven rupees. The main reason for the rise in prices is the sharp fall in domestic production due to continuous rains. It was usually the beginning of November and it was time for the rubber to reach the market.

But so far the farmers have not been able to start tapping. Farmers say that even if tapping starts, production will be low. Producers estimate that by the end of the financial year, there will be a shortfall of two lakh tonnes of rubber globally. With this, there is a possibility of another rise in rubber prices.

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