1 Kg Rubber Price In Kerala Today

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1 Kg Rubber Price In Kerala Today


1 Kg Rubber Price in Kerala Today, Latest Rubber News Kerala

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1 Kg Rubber Price In Kerala Today as on 20th November 2020   : 04.00 Pm

Rubber Sheet RSS4(Per kg): 156.50/157.00

Rubber Sheet RSS5(Per kg): 150.00

Rubber sheet Loose(Per kg): 140.00

Rubber Sheet Lot(Per kg): 115.00/120.00

Rubber Scrap (80% DRC,Per kg): 83.50

Rubber Latex (60% DRC): 103.00

Rubber Field Latex(Per kg DRC): 135.00/138.00

Rubber ISNR20 : 123.50

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