Rubber Daily trend analysis

The rubber price trend is likely to stabilize or change in the same direction as the Tokyo futures market. Open market is quite volatile. The positive factor is the higher oil prices, and seasonally adjusted rubber supply. Negative factors came from the appreciation of the yen and the baht Impact on the exports. The Federal Reserve (Fed) has raised interest rates as expected.

Rubber prices decline; sentimentally positive for tyre stocks

The domestic rubber prices have declined over 7% in the previous one month and is currently trading at Rs 150/kg.

Internationally the rubber prices have dipped by about 13-15% in previous one month. The international rubber prices are currently trading at Rs 160/kg.

The drop in rubber prices is sentimentally positive for the tyre stocks as natural rubber accounts for almost 45% of the raw material costs for tyre companies.

Such a decline is positive for tyre stocks viz., Apollo Tyres, Ceat, MRF and JK Tyres.

The tyre stocks were in focus even as China shifts its focus from Indian markets to US markets and decides to cut India trade. China raised the truck, bus and radial tyre prices for Indian markets by almost 10-15% making it little attractive in Indian markets.

Domestic Natural rubber prices decline by over 7%

Domestic Natural rubber prices have declined by over 7% in the last one month (currently trading at Rs 150/kg) while the international rubber prices have dipped by about 13-15% in the last one month (currently trading at Rs 160/kg).
Natural rubber accounts for about 45% of the raw material costs for tyre makers and the decline in prices is positive for Apollo Tyres, Ceat, MRF and JK Tyres.
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Rubber daily price

KUALA LUMPUR The Malaysian rubber market ended mostly lower despite the jump in crude oil prices and the firmer Tokyo Commodity Exchange.
A dealer said US oil prices recovered more than 2%, from a three-month low, supported by a surprise drawdown in stocks that showed a 531,000 barrels decline in crude supplies for the week ended March 10.
At noon, the Malaysian Rubber Boards official physical price for tyre-grade SMR 20 dipped 1.5 sen to 881.5 sen a kg while latex-in-bulk decreased 7.5 sen to 731 sen a kg.
The unofficial closing price at 5pm for tyre-grade SMR 20 increased 12.5 sen to 872 sen a kg and latex-in-bulk fell 5.5 sen to 729.5 sen a kg.

Rubber Market Kerala Today, Rubber Daily Price Kerala Today, Rubber Spot Price Kerala

Rubber Daily Price Kerala 15/03/2017
Rubber RSS4 Kottayam: 150.00
Rubber RSS4 Kochi: 150.00
Rubber RSS5: 142.00
Rubber Lot: 125.00 – 130.00
Rubber scrap: 93.00
Rubber Latex: 95.10
Rubber ISNR 20: 132.00

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Natural Rubber price trend today

Rubber prices are not expected to change much in this phase, because of the lower output in the South Thailand. In the closing session, domestic operators have not been quick to buy because they are waiting the sale of rubber in the stock of the Thai government. It is announced that it will sell out by April.

Rubber prices tend to decline in line with the Tokyo market. The negative factor is the market price. The Downgrade and Investors Slowed Trading Before Knowing the Results of the Federal Reserve (Fed) Meeting Today According to US time Meanwhile, domestic operators delayed their purchase to await the situation. After the government announced Officially, it will clear the stockpile of rubber in the warehouse before April. However, the amount of output to market. Decrease and the baht began to depreciate. It is still a factor supporting rubber prices to a certain extent

Natural Rubber Price Today Ended Lower

Natural Rubber Price Today will help you to understand rubber market situation now

Natural Rubber Price Today In Red Zone Due To Over Supply In Markets

Natural Rubber Price Today on July contract with the Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX) fell 1 per cent to Rs 12,181.00 per 100 kg. The December deal on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) closed at 156.8 yen (about Rs 108.88) per kg, an increase of 0.7% over the previous close. Price of RSS-4, which is widely traded in Kerala rubber market and Tripura rubber market has been quoted at Rs 121 per kg. One Rupee down over the previous close.

Rubber contracts today at ICEX ended down due to lack of demand from bulk buyers and tyre companies. The concerns over supply in the market have prevented falling the prices sharply. Tapping in major growing regions of Kerala, the largest grower, has caused concern about supply in the market.

Rubber Price Today Evening Update:

Rubber Board Price 
Kottyam, Kochi Terminal Markets 
ICEX Details 
RUBBER Jul20 at 11:30 AM 
Open : 12240 
High : 12350 
Low : 12240 
LTP : 12350 
RUBBER Jul20 at 5:30 PM 
Open : 12240 
High : 12475 
Low : 12240 
CP : 12408 
Other MarketsChange
Crude Oil:$40.11-0.62
Brent Crude Oil:42.7-0.4
What are the factors that can affect natural rubber price today?

Uncertainty about US-China relations after recent developments.
Global Equities are in a mixed performance.
European shares fell more than one percent.
Commodities on the MCX platform have dropped drastically.
Bullion profit in international market declined in booking with Dollars.

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Rubber Market Kerala Today, Rubber Daily Price Kerala Today, Rubber Spot Price Kerala

Rubber Daily Price Kerala 22/02/2017
Rubber RSS4 Kottayam: 160.00
Rubber RSS4 Kochi: 159.00
Rubber RSS5: 149.00
Rubber Lot: 128.00 – 132.00
Rubber scrap: 104.00
Rubber Latex: 101.45
Rubber ISNR 20: 144.50

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Tokyo Rubber Price

Natural rubber prices this friday afternoon seems to moving down. The weakening of rubber prices show bearish sentiment because triggered a selloff in Thailand and weakening of rubber prices in Shanghai.

Weakening Rubber prices triggered a selloff in Thailand. It is estimated that Rubber to have sold 96,000 tons of the commodity in the auction held on Tuesday, an official in the rubber authorities told Reuters on Wednesday, adding it will hold another auction for 125,000 tons in March.

Likewise, the price of rubber on the Shanghai bourse declined. The most active rubber contract on the Shanghai futures exchange for May delivery extended losses in afternoon trade, to finish at 20,320 yuan per ton.

In afternoon trading, the price of rubber futures for the most active contract on the Tokyo commodity exchanges dropped by -18.7 yen or -5.9 percent to 297.5 yen per kilogram, down from its previous close at 316,2 yen per kilogram.

Analysts predicted that the price movement of Rubber on next session is potentially affected by the weakening of the pressure of natural rubber prices Shanghai and sentiments of Thailand. Commodity prices will test the support level at 292.50 yen and 287.50 yen

Rubber Market

KUALA LUMPUR The Malaysian rubber market close higher yesterday, bolstered by higher opening of regional rubber futures markets and the easier ringgit against the US dollar.
A dealer said the uptrend was also contributed by an overnight gain in benchmark oil prices.
He said crude oil prices traded higher on Monday, as investor optimism over the effectiveness of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) cuts


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